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If you are unsure of your password then you can generate a new one by clicking the 'Forgot your password?' link next to the login box.

You will be asked to enter your registered email address and instructions will be sent to that address.


Quick start

Quick Start guide to Osprey-VLE

Find information on:

  • Setting up an account and logging in
  • Launching activities
  • Password reset
  • The Learning Line & Sidebar
  • Who's who on the "My Contacts" menu
  • Apps for Offline use

And more...

Advanced features

Beyond the basics of Osprey-VLE

Find information on:

  • Managing your account
  • Understanding progress reports
  • The "I Learnt This" Button
  • What are Badges?
  • User Groups
  • The Message Line (Communities)
  • Admin Guide


ITIC recommends...

ITIC recommends a relevant education programme to help to minimise insurance claims - check out Osprey-VLE from Coracle

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