The Learning Line

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The Learning Line is the name we give to your stream of statements.

Your statements will appear in your activity sidebar (found on the left of your screen) as you progress through an activity. You can also find the full list by clicking Study > Learning Line

The Sidebar:


The Learning Line:



Statements on the Learning Line all start from the basic format of 'I DID THIS'. This may be expanded to create statements such as 'I DID THIS AND SCORED THAT'.

As you work through your activities, a collection of statements builds up. As the volume of statements grows, your strengths and weaknesses become clearer and this data can be used to recommend different or further ways of study. The information also allows us to generate your certificates and to confirm progress against an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).

Once you've generated a statement on your Learning Line, it can't be changed. However, if you feel that the statement was made in error, you can void it. Next to the statement text for each statement you'll see an arrow, click this and you will be given a number of options one of which is to "void" the statement (see image below).


You can add more details to a statement using the comment function. Comments are private for your eyes only, unless you decide to share the statement.


Quick start

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Beyond the basics of Osprey-VLE

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